Front-Line Encounters

Posts and thoughts from health care workers as they battle COVID-19

Stories from the Front-lines of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Rising Curve

With the spread of the novel coronavirus, healthcare workers are experiencing the influx of patients with this illness at unprecedented volumes. This blog is intended to give those workers a space to recount their experiences and share their thoughts.

Blog Posts

Wash it Away

I will continue to wash my hands after everything I touch. I will continue to disinfect everything I possibly can. I will continue to shower and wash my hair after every shift. But when this is all over, the scars and trauma from this pandemic will stay because I will never be able to wash…

Surviving COVID

It’s been almost one month since my COVID symptoms started and I am grateful everyday that I recovered without any complications. As someone who has always been healthy, who would barely get symptoms from the flu, I did not expect to be hit hard with COVID. When I was working on the medicine floors, the…

A Word About Sacrifice

“Are you sure you don’t want it anymore?” The words of my barber, as I struggled to tell him that it was time to remove my beard. I remember when I first decided to start keeping it, for religious purposes, and how it’s been part of my identity for the past five years. Once it…

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